Advanced Summer Course

We offer an Advanced Summer Course in July-August each year. The course is open to our alumni, as well as to advanced students from all over the world after assessing their level.


The course is divided in two:

Spoken Arabic course (immersive part):

3 weeks of spoken Arabic in the Palestinian dialect. This course will take place in an Arab village and will include field trips, visiting families, working in the village, classes in advanced grammar, texts and idioms, learning to cook Arabic food and more.


Listening and understanding Arab media:

3 weeks of listening to and understanding Arab Media. The course will take place at Givat Haviva's campus. The participants will put their acquired knowledge in spoken Arabic to use listening to many videos from the Arab media, including news, while analyzing its level. Thus the student will develop an ability to understand texts as they really are used in today's media: a combination of Modern Standard Arabic, dialects and even classical Arabic!


Accommodation: In the first course, students will be hosted in an Arab village and will have their own flat next to their teacher's home. In the second course, students will be living at the Givat Haviva Educational Center Campus. Housing includes kitchen facilities as well as access to the Givat Haviva dining room. Additional housing arrangements on nearby Kibbutzim or in Arab villages may also be possible. 


Note that it is possible to take both courses, or just one of them!