Beginners' Summer Course

We offer a Beginners' Summer Course: During our five-week spoken Arabic course, students will gain basic language proficiency in the local Palestinian dialect through classroom and immersion studies. Students will be introduced to Arab culture and society in Israel.


Four weeks at Givat Haviva, one week in an Arab village (immersion week)

For the first four weeks students will live and study at the campus of Givat Haviva, and in the fifth week they will live and study in an Arab village, which will allow them to practice and improve their language skills dramatically.


Study from a web site
Arabic language studies (5 hours per day) are facilitated in conjunction with the Arabic2Use website, designed to work as a private laboratory that enables students to listen to Arabic during study hours outside of class. The website presents authentic cultural topics and situations, working in context and preparing students for real-life language encounters through understanding linguistic and cultural codes. Students will learn the units of the web site step by step and practice speaking with the teacher in class based on what they have learned.


Field trips and meetings with native speakers
In addition to language studies, our program includes 8 field trips to Arab communities, 2 workshops (cooking and music), as well as a weekly  meeting with Arabic native speakers, allowing our students to practice their  Arabic in an informal setting. 

Accommodation: Students will live at the Givat Haviva Educational Center Campus. Housing includes kitchen facilities as well as access to the Givat Haviva's dining room. During the last week, students will live in an Arab village, in their own apartment close to their teacher's home.