Givat Haviva International High School (GHIS)

The first semester of the 2020-21 school year was a special one for everyone in the GHIS community. The Ministry of Education allowed the school to operate as usual (most schools in Israel were partially or completely closed, or had severe restrictions); however, in order to reduce contact and risk of Covid, leaving campus was almost never allowed.

Under these circumstances, the school staff focused on creating effectiveness in teaching and learning under conditions of uncertainty, as well as creating a supportive system at the individual level. During the second semester, the student committees on environment, politics, and society will be reactivated, and preparations for the external evaluation round of the twelfth grade will be accelerated. We hope that we will be able to see a decline in the spread of the epidemic, which will allow students to renew their volunteer programs in our partner communities.

GHIS' winter vacation lasted from mid-December 2020 to the beginning of January 2021. Due to Covid, most international students stayed in Israel with local friends or the host families who are an important part of the school community. In preparation for the holiday, the GHIS community celebrated Hanukkah by lighting candles, making donuts, decorating a festive fir tree, singing and rejoicing (especially in light of the completion of the first semester exam period). Just before the students dispersed, the school community managed to enjoy a field trip to Nahal Katalev in the Jerusalem mountains, with perfect weather and a perfect atmosphere.

The GHIS community marks HanuChristmas by lighting candles, making donuts, decorating a festive evergreen, singing and celebrating