Youth Encounters

The 2020-2021 school year commenced with intensive marketing of Givat Haviva’s online youth encounter program for schools and coordination of seminars. 

Our facilitators participated in a 3-day training in skills for online facilitation, including digital skillbuilding, a new encounter blueprint, and simulation practice for all the facilitators on the team. In keeping with our model of co-facilitation by a Jewish/Arab team, the facilitation team conducts the seminar from Givat Haviva, in work spaces designed for this purpose.

This both provides valuable opportunities to work together and consult with each other during the seminar and also maintains contact between the facilitation team and the organization. Five online seminars were held in November and December. Before each seminar, the program coordinators hold conversations with the teachers from the schools that will participate.

Both the teachers and students showed great curiosity and reported a significant experience, compared to what they had expected from an online seminar. The seminars ended very successfully and students from all schools expressed desire for more sessions.