Children Teaching Children

Despite the challenge of reaching a depth of acquaintance and discussion in online meetings and the difficulties running the program on the online platform - both technically and in terms of building workshop processes - Children Teaching Children brought together over 100 Jewish and Arab students from two Jewish schools and two Arab schools.

The meetings focused on getting to know each other and discussing our challenges as Jews and Arabs in dealing with the complex reality of the Corona period, focusing on solidarity and social reciprocity. After that, we discussed content relating to shared society. Most of the students took an active part in the discussions. As one of the teachers commented, “The students talked about the importance of the sessions for them that expand their mutual acquaintance and learning about each other especially during this period.

We are looking forward to the next meeting.” Along with the ongoing program activities, we have used this time to focus on strengthening our facilitator team, who face the complex challenges of conducting the program via Zoom. Our skilled and experienced team has come together as significant group of colleagues for support, sharing dilemmas, and thinking together about ways of coping and learning. All of this has taken place through Zoom as well!