Through Others’ Eyes

We started the 2020-2021 Through Others’ Eyes program with a new group of boys and girls led by photography teachers Jinan Halabi and Dana Friedlander and co-instructors Tav Sagee (program coordinator and co-instructor) and Yara Biadsa (program graduate and co-instructor). Meanwhile, the Through Others’ Eyes alumni group held a weekend seminar led by Tav and Yara dedicated to volunteering and helping the needy, during which they collected food donations in Kafr Qara and Pardes Hanna, packed them and distributed them.

While working, they decided on a new name for the group: "Imassar" which represents a combination of words in Arabic and Hebrew meaning: Journey, Faith, Our People, Message. They created a group anthem, held a "Race for Peace" activity, and talked about their different feelings about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Israel's national flag and anthem.