We have no choice but to live together - Stop the violence!

We call on the government, members of the Knesset, all local leaders, educators, cultural figures, activists, Jews and Arabs, to sound a call for calm in the streets of Israel.

The terrible violence in the streets, led by an inflamed and racist mob, Jewish and Arab, must stop. Most Israeli citizens, Arabs and Jews, want to live together peacefully in this country. The large Israeli majority understands and knows that at the end of the current wave of racist violence, we will continue living here together and to pick up the shards of our shared existence.

Givat Haviva believes in the partnership between Arabs and Jews and has been practicing it for over 70 years. We will not stop working together and we will not stop believing that there is a place in Israel for Jews and Arabs who want to and can live here in equality and partnership. We will not succumb to a violent and agitated handful rioting in Israel's streets, and we cannot be dragged into civil mayhem.