Michal Sela
Executive Director

michalsela@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309343

Mohammad Darawshe
Director, Center for Equality & Shared Society

mmd@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309291

Nurit Gery
Director, Givat Haviva International Center

gery.nurit@gmail.com Tel: +972(54)9797165

Imran Kinana
Director of the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace

imrank@givathaviva.org.il tel: +972-4-6309288

Anat Lidror
Director of the GH Collaborative Art Center

artcenter@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309262

Gita Amrani

Director of Finance gita12@givathaviva.org.il

Galit Kellner
Director of the Arabic Studies Institute

arabic@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309330

Dudu Amitai
Director of Yad Yaari Research & Documentation Center | Givat Haviva Spokesperson

dudu_am@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309241

Anhar Masarwa
Director of Women's Programming

anhar@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309309

Orit Meoded
Community Program Coordinator

meodedo@gmail.com Tel: +972(4)6309325

Zakaria Mahamid
Educational Program Coordinator

mahameedzakaria@yahoo.com tel: +972-52-6459832

Campus Administration

fortuna@givathaviva.org.il tel: +972-4-6309211

Yael Ben-Zvi
Shared Communities Coordinator

yaelbz@givathaviva.org.il tel: +972-54-6309252

Mara List Avner
Webmaster & Management Information Systems

maralist@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309289

Yousef Gabareen
Director of Bara’em High Tech Seeds Program

yousef@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309200

Nasrin Saif
Director of the Hebrew Enrichment Program “Yihyeh B’seder”

nasreens@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309200

Dr. Gazal Abu Riya
Shared Communities Senior Facilitator


Rena Kessem
Resource Development

development@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309288

Jodi Cnaan
Resource Development

Tel: +972(4)6309214 cn-jodi@givathaviva.org.il

Ronit Ben-Tal

management@givathaviva.org.il Tel: +972(4)6309288