Current Research Themes

Current Research Themes

  1.  “Hashomer Hatzair” in Poland and Galicia, from the founding of  the movement up to after World War II.
  2. Revival of the zionist youth movements and the path of Holocaust survivors in the years 1944-1948.
  3. Hashomer Hatzair Movement in Israel.
  4. The Kibbutz and Israeli Society: research on the kibbutz contribution to and involvement in the cultural life of the country is currently in process.
  5. Study of Hashomer Hatzair in Latin America (South America)
  6. Historical Review of Kibbutz Architecture
  7. Hashomer Hatzair World movement and the New Left
  8. Kibbutz Art and Artists

Online Resources

Engage with Yad Yaari

The Archive is open to the public Sunday through Wednesday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Researchers are kindly asked to schedule their visits in advance. You may contact the archive or by phone at 04-6309232.

Peace Library

The Sarah and Yaacov Eshel Peace Library houses approximately 60,000 titles, 400 journals and rare collections on a variety of topics, including Arab and Middle East Studies, Zionism, Israel, the Labor and Kibbutz Movements, history of world Jewry, and social sciences.  The library hosts the vastest repository of materials about the Palestinian and Arab citizens of Israel, including rare documents, articles and press clippings dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Digitization of Arabic Periodicals

Rare and endangered collections of newspapers and periodicals in Arabic have been digitized with the support of UNESCO and the International Federation of Library Associations, forming the first worldwide database of its kind. The database is available for online access, attracting scholars and laymen worldwide.