Learning Together (LEV)

Learning Together (LEV) is a teacher-led program of encounters between pairs of middle school classes of Jewish and Arab peers. Givat Haviva trains Arab and Jewish teachers to conduct the youth encounters between their classes and facilitates the initial meetings of the class pairs at the Givat Haviva campus. The teachers jointly design and lead their classes in four subsequent encounters, which alternate between the two schools and focus on shared living in Israeli society.  Through the program, students have an opportunity to get to know the other in a setting of curiosity and acceptance, while the teachers are empowered to facilitate this experiential learning. The program culminates in a final joint field trip or a deeper experiential encounter at the Givat Haviva campus.

תמונה יכולה לכלול: ‏‏‏11‏ אנשים‏, ‏‏אנשים מחייכים‏, ‏‏‏אנשים עומדים‏ ו‏פעילויות בחוץ‏‏‏‏‏