Jewish and Arab Artists-in-Residence

Recent graduates of Israel’s leading art institutions have great difficulty making the transition from art student to working artist.

The GH Art Center proposes to address this need with a 3-month residency for recent art graduates to provide tools and understanding of how to be a working artist which are not taught in higher art institutions but are essential to young artists’ ability to pursue careers in art after graduation.

These include dealing with economic realities and practical aspects of artistic endeavors, including submissions, scholarships, portfolios, contacts with galleries, and participation in multi-participant projects.

The Artists-in-Residence Program will create a platform of cooperation connecting different art fields and institutions that are usually separate, as well as young artists from Jewish and Arab communities.

The program will also include a series of initiatives to enable an encounter between art and society and between the artist and the public. In the coming months, Givat Haviva will undertake renovation needed to create a space for the program.

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