The Hill and the Spirit Within
Multidisciplinary Group Exhibition
Opening: 22.5.21, Saturday 11: 00-13:00, gathering at 12:00
Curator: Anat Lidror

The group exhibition "The Hill and the Spirit Within" will open on Saturday, May 22, at GH - Givat Haviva Art Gallery. The exhibition features a fascinating collection of works relating to the times, ideas and work of Givat Haviva in its 70 years of existence. The 22 exhibitors are artists who grew up in kibbutzim belonging to the Kibbutz HaArtzi movement, the same kibbutzim that initiated and established Givat Haviva, the idea and the practice.

Among the participants: Avital Geva, Guy Bar-Amotz, Amit Cabessa, Michael Kovner, Shaul Knaz, Yaacov Shofar and many more. The exhibition includes works from a variety of fields - painting in various techniques, photography, including documentary photography, video, sculpture, interior installations and outdoor installations.
A book by Yuval Danieli, an artist and archivist, was published in the year of the Covid-19 Pandemic (2020), telling the story of Givat Haviva from a historical perspective. The exhibition, born out of the pages of this book, is another layer of observation through a personal, free and critical artistic lens, by artists who are connected to the source and the place, the ideas, perceptions, values ​​- the agenda that Givat Haviva has instilled in Israeli society over the years, and in recent years even around the world.
:Particapating Artists

Avital Geva, Avner Singer, Osnat  Reisman ben Shalom, Eti Amram, Boaz Lanir, Guy Bar Amotz, Haim Maor, Tal Bedrack, Yuval Danieli, Yossi Veissid, Ya'akov Shofar, Michael Kovner, Michal Schreiber, Marion Fuchs, Neta Shapira, Amit Cabessa, Atar Geva, Tzila Liss, Claudette Zorea, Shaul knaz, Shirly Bar- Amotz, Shlomit Bauman

The Hill and the Spirit Within

  •  The gallery is open according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
  •  Group tours can be coordinated at: 04-6372824 |
Opening: May 22, 2021 at 11:00
Location: GH Givat Haviva Art Gallery.
Curator: Anat Lidror
Closing date: July 17, 2021