About Yad Yaari Research & Documentation Center

Yad Yaari is a research and documentation center established to preserve and promote the intellectual assets of two key movements in Israel's history:HaShomer HaTzair – the first Zionist youth movement founded in 1911, and Kibbutz Artzi – a federation of 85 kibbutzim throughout Israel founded in 1927 (today, part of the United Kibbutz Movement).  

The Center is comprised of archives and research departments documenting more than 100 years of history and current events illuminating the historical legacy of these movements and how their experience can be applied for increased social solidarity, equality and peace in today's world.

The archive also houses the collections of other prominent allied organizations and personalities. With multi-faceted communication facilities and online access, the archive serves hundreds of researchers worldwide and involves wider audiences in study days, conferences, research projects and publications.