Young Leadership

Once completing the three stages of education offered by Givat Haviva, young adults in their final years of high school have the opportunity to deepen their experience in shared society building through a range of action-oriented activities. These follow up programs are designed to develop leadership skills among young adults, equipping them with the capabilities to be agents of democratic change in their communities.

One of the most longstanding follow up programs is the Through Others' Eyes Photography initiative. In its sixteenth year of operation, Through Others Eyes' provides participants with a unique view into the lives of their peers on the other side of the social divide through the camera lens.  Arab and Jewish high school students learn photography skills while getting to know one another from a new and different perspective through a series of 25 joint meetings. Participants gain a personal understanding of their peers by visiting their homes, meeting their families and photographing them. The process culminates in an exhibition of the participants' work in Israel and abroad. 

Youth Exchange Delegations of select Jewish and Arab youth who are social activists  in their communities (volunteering with youth, senior citizens, emergency medicine, or special needs populations) visit Germany where they meet with counterpart youth delegations from Germany and Poland, and undergo an intense and in-depth learning process that includes a look at the complex interwoven histories, narratives, and heritages of these peoples, and how contemporary issues affect them all. Following the trip to Europe, the local delegations host return visits from the European youth delegations, continuing the learning process here in Israel.