Givat Haviva International

Since its founding 70 years ago, Givat Haviva has been identified with cooperation, dialogue, equality and social justice between local Arab (Palestinian) and Jewish communities. The campus functions as a living lab – a vibrant space of learning, experience and active community engagement.

The International Center takes Givat Haviva’s local experience to the next level  to create a progressive institute for international education.  We host dedicated short and long-term academic programs for universities and a range of communities from around the world. Unique in Israel is GHIS - an international IB boarding school for international and Israeli Arab and Jewish high-school students.  All activities promote equality and intercultural understanding. 

Givat Haviva offers a unique venue and a hassle-free vehicle for hosting residencies, seminars, courses, camps, conferences, meetings, forums, events and more. The International Center brings together youth, students, educators, community activists and leaders to generate ideas and social initiatives.