Behind The Mask

Through Others' Eyes 2019 Presents:

YazmaGuidance, Accompaniment and Curating: Rauf Abu Fane, Rama 
Masks fill an important function in different cultures.
 A mask simultaneously offers protection and power to its wearer. The mask enables the person to undergo metamorphosis. By putting on the mask, the wearer discards the everyday, familiar, social identity that usually limits her or him with its rules and habits.
So who are we, really, behind the mask?
What is the identity that hides behind the mask that we put on ourselves?
Where do we live? In a village? A city? A moshav? A kibbutz?
And what does that say about us?
We usually express opinions or ideas on which we have been raised in the circle close to us. The Through Others' Eyes group makes use of the neutral, white mask as a tool that momentarily allows the participants to be equal, like 'every person' – without obstacles, without barriers, without stereotypes.
The mask that has nothing on it is able to express any emotion, any identity, any image,
any sex, any status.
The emptiness of expression is equal to the fullness of expression.
When the group members added color to the mask, began to expose their identity, their feelings and their innermost wishes – new faces behind the mask began to be revealed slowly in the process.
"We are the most exposed generation, and maybe the least. Everyone is occupied with screens and masks. Perhaps the masks are a means of protection against the continual situation of a judgmental society." (Noga Tamir)
The group investigates how joint discourse can continue to exist even when people take off their masks, stand exposed, with one less outer layer, and learn to know and to observe each other really and truly.
The exhibition before you deals with connections and conflicts, identities and
 concealing, with revelation of true feelings of love, anger, laughter, jealousy, pain and
hope, and asks whether and how we can live here differently, even when we remove the masks.
משתתפי תכנית בעיניים אחרות - المشاركون في برنامج بيعون أخرى - 2018-2019

Participants in the 2018-2019 Through Others' Eyes Program

ארז פינטו - إيرز بينتو - Erez Pinto
ארין ענבוסי - عرين عنبوسي - Areen Anabusi
בשארה מצארווה - بشارة مصاروة -  Bshara Masarwy
הילה להט - هيلا لاهط - Hila Lahat
חתאם עומר - ختام عمر - Khetam Omar
מג'ד אגבריה - مجد إغبارية - Magd Agbaria
מוחמד אלמלק - محمد الملك - Muhammad Elmalak
מפלח כבהא - مفلح كبها - Mflh Kabha
נגה ברזון - نوغا بروزان - Noga Berson
נגה תמיר - نوغا تمير - Noga Tamir
נועה הורוביץ - نوعا هوروفيتس - Noa Horvitz
סיון ענבר - سيفان عنبار - Sivan Inbar
סימא עתאמנה -  سيما عثامنة - Sima Atamna
עבדאללה ותד - عبد الله وتد  - Watted Abedallah 
עדי אדלשטיין - عادي ادلشتاين - Adi Edelshtein
עומר פינטו - عومر بينتو - Omer Pinto
ערן אבישר - عيران أفيسار - Eran Avisar
רים עתאמנה -  ريم عثامنة  - Reem Atamna
שחר אופדיסנו - شاحار أفديسنو - Shahar Opedisano