Between Old and New ,Between Words and Art





 Group Exhibition in the Old Library Building

Artists: Maya Ben Natan, Noa Rosen, Soha Faruja, Keren Fargo, Amir Yitzhayik, Shaul Knaz
There are but a few places that induce in the visitor a feeling of reverence immediately upon entering. This library, in this building, belongs to that select family.
To the visitor arriving for the first time, it seems that a fascinating process of perfect synthesis between ink and concrete has occurred here. The words are absorbed in it. They speak from within it. They can be smelled here; they can be felt. They are the cause and effect of the bannister of the spiral staircase that makes everyone lightheaded.
Nevertheless, the artistic process revealed to the visitor – like the lovely card catalog cabinets – is deserving of an explanation: What is happening here, between these dusty, cobwebby walls? What is happening here, between art and words, between the new artists full of creativity and daring to change and renew – and this old building?

Between Old and New – for Givat Haviva is still imbued with many memories and few permanent residents. They pass through: come, laugh, meet, fall in love – and leave. They leave behind a thin trail of memories that also follows and accompanies them for many years to come.

Between Old and New – for there have been Bedouins here, and then Australians, and British, and a field for formations and roll calls upon which layers of brown dust have since accumulated, and buildings that have been renovated and covered in plaster and a coating displeasing to the touch, and now there are Jews and Arabs, and soon there will be international students.

Between Art and Words – for the voice of Haviva Reich is already faint, for the building of the old library is already devoid of books and full of pigeon droppings, for in the Moreshet center for Holocaust research there is a story of female bravery that awaits telling.

Between Art and Words – for the old building of the architect Shmuel Mestechkin and the Yad Ya'ari archives arouse tears, regardless of who you are and where you've come from.

Between Art and Words – for Givat Haviva is a place for preparation and trainingexpressed through words spoken by and among people who really listened to each other. A place in which thousands of young people have been infused with enthusiasm and belief and prepared to become the next kibbutzniks, the next Hashomer Hatzair movement members. This is the place that has celebrated and continues to celebrate the process, the wondrous transitional stage of being "almost".

Between Art and Words – for the process that has begun here is not yet over and done with. It is real, alive and kicking. The most common voice on Givat Haviva is still that of the young people, laughing, cussing, full of hormones. They are on their way – not yet complete, not yet certain of who they are. They emphasize their place without being aware of the implications; they create beauty and destroy it simultaneously.
The first reading in a library is freedom.
The next readings are art.
In the evenings at the end of September it is Under the Lamppost.