Simple to Abstract


You are invited to a new show at the GH Art Center in Givat Haviva:

Simple to Abstract

Dani Karavan – Atar Geva

14.3.20 – 9.5.20


Curators: Anat Lidror and Noa Karavan


Dani Karavan and Atar Geva are featured in a new exhibition opening on Saturday March 14, 2020 at the GH Art Center in Givat Haviva, where Karavan and Geva meet and grow into and out of the place. Givat Haviva is an institution that has already become a symbol, an icon that is a living place. It stands for the kibbutz, for Hashomer Hatzair, for shared society, it is a place of both the young and old.


Is it also a place of simplicity? Karavan and Geva create the simplicity of each, the simplicity shared by both, in the abstract, real, alive and mundane. A harmonious yet attainable abstract, which takes place using plants and light, sand and clods of earth, geometric forms and industrial matter.


Creative materials such as sand, the olive tree and citrus trees as Karavan's art materials become a continuous and endless work of art. Geva's spilled paint, spreading at will and becoming liquid or solidifying, as well as the sculptural combustion processes, and their accompanying scent, ask about the part of the processes as co-creators of the work itself.

This is an encounter, a statement and the creation of a space between abstract art and humanistic ideals and moral values. 

It is a conscious choice of the innocent gaze that refuses to be cynical. A gaze that insists on remembering the original source of the work, even after a complete round of searching and listening that has finally come full circle to that which is simple and deep, its essence and nature.

The show also questions the idea of the kibbutz, of which Karavan was a member and Geva was born into and is still a member. Are the values of simplicity, such a natural part of the kibbutz and its heritage, essential to its existence? Is the kibbutz, or the idea of the kibbutz and what it can be in terms of influencing society today, giving up the essence of that deep and open simplicity as a way of life? Or is it determined to look for its definition for the 21st century?

Many Israelis want to move to the kibbutz today. Why is that? Because of that simplicity, which is so lacking from their life. At the same time, from within, entire kibbutz communities are increasingly engaged in the connection to a life of comfort and luxury, to that which is "private, personal, mine". Will the renewing kibbutz stop to consider whether this precious essence must be lost?

Whole movements are created in the world today as a reaction to excess in quantities, stimuli, supply, competition, possibilities. They feel that simplicity, as a concept, is a good response to most of the problems that exist in the world right now. The younger generation will surely agree. Karavan and Geva share this idea, as they create the best living art.  


The show includes a work of video art by Yael Bartana and Gregg Smith created about and around the Negev Monument.






Opening:  14.3.2020 at 11 AM

Location: GH Art Center in Givat Haviva

Curators: Anat Lidror and Noa Karavan

Closing: 9.5.2020



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