WHISC - Women in the Holocaust - International Study Center

It appears that there is no interdisciplinary research center, either in Israel or anywhere else in the world, that focuses solely on the unique fate of Women during the Holocaust.

There are not enough studies devoted to the topic of women and the Holocaust, whether victims or survivors.  Establishing such a center would make a real contribution, both by researchers and educators, to the study of the Holocaust, gender studies, Holocaust art and Holocaust literature. 

Despite the welcomed and dramatic change in attitude that the publication of Carol Rittener's monumental book, “Different Voices: Women of the Holocaust” (1993), had brought about in the field – such as conferences, in Israel and abroad, and the growing number of historians addressing the topic - the existing research on the unique fate of Jewish women during the Holocaust is still lacking and is still disproportionally small.


We believe that the planned Center is essential as well as pioneering. It could enrich the research in the field and provide a balanced agenda in gender- Holocaust interdisciplinary study.


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