Ceramic Residency at Givat Haviva



The GH Ceramic Studioes & The GH Art Center
We are opening our doors for an 11 Day Residency (2.8.20- 12.8.20) at the GH Art Center at Givat Haviva in Israel. This residency is intended for professional ceramic artists who have chosen ceramics as a way of living. It is an opportunity to meet and get to know each other, to share ideas and views, dreams, both theoretical and practical and mainly professional experiences. This as well as to enjoy largh, well-equipped studioes, 11 days of free creating without dealing with daily chores and each others’ company. This residency is intended for International and Israeli artists. 
For Participation Fee and Further information please click here
Or contact us through: artcenter@artcenter.org.il | GH Art Center Office +972-4-6309287 |  Head Teacher- Avner Singer +972 -54-4627804
The checklists below outline the requirements for the application.
A portfolio that includes:
  • Up to 20 images of work done within the past 5 years
  • A short artist statement up to 250 words
  • A comprehensive c.v.
Please send your portfolio through E-mail: artcenter@artcenter.org.il
Or Through the online application  here
The residency includes Full board, free access to facilities, glazes and colors used in the department.
Does not include: material, special fires and materials that are not in constant use in the department.
The ceramics Stoudioes at the GH Art Center and the courses it offers allow ceramic lovers to develop their own personal and conceptual ability and to form an interaction between matter, shape and idea. The learning process and the work in the studio encourage a high awareness of the ceramic material, its significance, its fragmentation, and its relation to the space in which it exists.
The GH Art Center consists in adittin the GH Art School  which offers courses and projects also in the fields of painting, photography and silkscreen printing as well as the GH Art Gallery that holds contemporary art exhibitions year round.  For more about the GH (Givat Haviva) art center  here
Givat Haviva is a non-profit organization founded in 1949 as the national education center of the Kibbutz Federation in Israel. It is dedicated to promoting a shared society. 
For more about Givat Haviva  here
We are situated half way between Haifa to the North and Tel Aviv in the center on the eastern hills of the country.