Women cooking for Peace

Rationale - When women meet with each other in an atmosphere of acceptance, with the smells of cooking in the background, amidst tantalizing flavors and spices, their hands busy peeling, cutting, kneading, etc., then our hearts open and we grow close to each other.


Each group is composed of 5 Jewish women and 5 Arab women who want to learn to prepare new and interesting dishes, while meeting new Jewish and Arab friends and taking a step towards coexistence.


The program consists of 10 weekly meetings of about 3 hours each, from 4 to 7 pm.


The first and final meetings take place at Givat Haviva, and the other eight sessions are held in the participants' homes. Each participant in turn invites the group of 10 women and the facilitator to prepare her favorite dish together. Afterwards, they sit together around the table and dine, with the guidance of a professional facilitator and a photographer. The instruction is conducted in Hebrew and Arabic.


In the end, a booklet in Hebrew and Arabic of recipes and experiences is published to document the course.