Dr. Vera Mevorah

Research Fellow

Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory University of Belgrade

Kraljice Natalije 45, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

E-mail: vera.mevorah@instifdt.bg.ac.rs, veramevorah@gmail.com


Vera Mevorah, based in Belgrade, Serbia, is the author of number of scientific works in the fields of art theory, media and communication studies, Internet studies, and Holocaust representation studies.

Since January 2020, she is a research fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory University of Belgrade (IFDT), where she performed the functions of editor of the IFDT public program (April 2020 – March 2022), coordinator of the ShoahLab: Holocaust Studies Laboratory (March 2020 – January 2022) and IFDT coordinator for OSUN – Academic Network of Open Society (December 2020 – March 2022). She is a member of the ShoahLab and DigiLab: Digital Society Lab IFDT. Previously, she collaborated with NGOs Haver Serbia (2015 – 2017), Center for Holocaust Research and Education (2018) and Terraforming Network (2019), dealing with the topic of Holocaust education, research and commemoration.

She’s one of the authors of the handbook for teachers Portraits and memories of the Jewish Community of Serbia before the Holocaust (2014) and the publication Librarians and Archvists and the New International Resoruces for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust (2019) as well as co-editor of Markers of Memory: Jewish Heritage and the Holocaust (2018), Holocaust and Theology (2023) and The Holocaust Industry: The (American) Debate on the Instrumentalization of the Shoa (2023).

She is a member of the Steering Committee of the Women in the Holocaust – International Study Center (MORESHET) and Steering Committee nominee for the newly founded “Staro Sajmište” Memorial Centre of the Republic of Serbia. 

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