Mediation and Dialogue Centers for Arab Towns

In accordance with recommendations by the Committee of Heads of Arab Authorities in Israel and the Executive Committee set up by the government to deal with violence and crime in Arab society, Givat Haviva proposes to set up Mediation and Dialogue Centers in a pilot of 5 Arab municipalities.

In a unique approach, respected community leaders will be identified and trained to serve as mediators in centers provided, equipped, and staffed by the municipalities. These community leaders will undergo accredited mediation training specifically designed to enable them to meet the needs of their communities, which will confer certification recognized by the Gadot Committee.

The mediators will also conduct public outreach and educational events to raise awareness and promote a culture of mediation and dialogue in their communities.

The centers will be supported during the year of setup and training and the subsequent first 2 years of operation a steering committee including leading mediation experts, the heads of the participating municipalities, diverse representatives of Arab society (making sure concerns of women and youth are taken into account), and Givat Haviva professional program staff.