Cross Sector Teachers Exchange

In the absence of an integrated educational system in Israel, this program aims to bring Jewish and Arab teachers into each other’s schools. Jewish and Arab schools of relative proximity and similar social character will be paired, and will exchange teachers of English, physical education, and the arts for a semester.

Training will be provided to the exchange teachers, the host school faculty and students, a designated mentor teacher to accompany and be the main point of contact for the visiting teacher in the host school, to enable everyone involved to get the most out of the exchange.

The Ministry of Education backs this program and recognizes Givat Haviva as an important partner in its implementation, building on years of experience placing Jewish teachers of spoken Hebrew in Arab schools.

The temporary nature of the exchanges is designed to attract schools outside the demographic that would usually volunteer for such a program, and the school pairing is intended to generate connections and spark further activities involving both of the schools.

The Ministry of Education will fund the teaching hours, which comprise the bulk of the program cost, while Givat Haviva will be responsible for the provision of all supplementary training and programming.