Equal Representation in Public Service

Arab citizens, who make up over 22% of Israel’s population, comprise only 12.2% of public service employees, preponderantly in the health sector. This leaves only 7.7% in all other fields, and only 3.2% of senior employees. There is a broad consensus regarding the need for proportional representation for all sectors of the population, shared by the Civil Service Commission. It would enable public institutions to understand the needs of Arab society and provide an appropriate response, improve the employment situation in Arab society, strengthen trust between Arab citizens and the state, grant legitimacy to Arab participation in decision-making processes in the eyes of the Jewish public, and contribute to integration through the workplace. Givat Haviva proposes an intervention program in three critical areas:
  1. locating and strengthening potential Arab candidates for integration into the public service in fields that are in demand;
  2. providing training for existing Arab employees with potential for promotion; and 3) training senior employees to support and mentor junior Arab employees, and instill attitudes of cultural tolerance in the workplace. The goal of the program is to improve the chances of successful integration in the civil service and advancement to management positions for Arab professionals, and women in particular.