Bara’em Hi-Tech Seeds

The Bara’em Hi-Tech program at Givat Haviva gives promising Arab high school students in Israel, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, the opportunity to study computer engineering and technology, and earn credits toward a bachelor’s degree in computer science while still in high school.

This head start, identical to the format that the army makes available to the most talented Jewish students, is the foundation for the “Start-Up Nation.” Cultural and geographic accessibility, supplementary Hebrew language lessons, Arab lecturers and/or teaching assistants as role models, personal guidance and accompaniment, and need-based scholarships combine to make the program uniquely accessible to promising Arab students and their families.

The program first opened in 2015 in cooperation with the Netanya Academic College, and enrollment grew every year until Covid. A new branch of the program, in cooperation with the Open University, has begun to bring this format to Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel, where it is also in demand, and plans exist to eventually expand to other locations.

Since Israel’s economy is in need of more skilled hi-tech workers, and Israel’s Arab citizens are in need of rewarding employment opportunities, Bara’em Hi-Tech provides benefit to everyone.