GHIS - The Givat Haviva International School

The Givat Haviva International School is in its fourth year of operation, this year adding 25 local Arab and Jewish 10th graders to the hundred 11th and 12th graders from Israel and around the world in the English-speaking boarding school.

After navigating the changing covid restrictions over the past 2 years and entry for the international students, the academic year got underway with many activities, most recently election of the student leadership, which is involved in thought processes and decision-making with school staff, initiating action and leading public opinion among the student community.

After a rich cultural evening in which students presented 16 different stalls of national dishes, traditional dances and colorful costumes, came the highlight of the evening: an election process that included impressive speeches, poignant questions and creative answers from the candidates.

GHIS has begun recruiting 10th and 11th grade students for the next academic year.  Details on the project and upcoming open days can be found on the website -