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 Canadian Friends of Givat Haviva

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CFGH, c/o R. Sokolsky

320 - 201 Tweedsmuir Ave. 

Toronto ON M5P 2Y3

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USA - Givat Haviva Educational Foundation

Givat Haviva is represented in the USA by the Givat Haviva Educational Foundation with offices in New York, NY. The Board of the Givat Haviva Educational Foundation promotes the organization's shared society programs in the USA, garnering support and expanding influence.


Board of Directors

Ambassador Thomas Pickering - Honorary Chairman of the Board

Harriet Mouchly-Weiss - Chair of the Board

Judith Scheuer - Secretary

Jo Margolis - Treasurer

Claude Ghez - Board Member

Stephen Lesser - Board Member

Robert Levy - Board Member

Mary Kay Liotta - Board Member

Odelia Shargian - Board Member

Robert Silverman - Board Member

Contact Details

601 West 26th St, Suite 325-25

New York, New York 10001