Living Arabic – Arabic Studies Institute

"Living Arabic" is part of the "Jewish-Arab Center for Peace" at Givat Haviva.

Here at the center, we have been at the forefront of teaching Arabic as a second language for Hebrew speakers for over 50 years, providing curriculum development, teacher training, and language instruction for students, teachers, and adults. Since Arabic language is a mandatory subject in Israeli schools, we have had a huge teaching laboratory in which to build up a body of expertise teaching Arabic as a second language unequalled anywhere in the world. In 2008, we decided to open programs for students from all over the world as well, using our vast experience to teach Arabic as a foreign language.

Givat Haviva is located in Israel's Wadi Ara region, home to the country's highest concentration of Arabic speakers. The area is diverse; 100,000 native speakers live in a variety of villages and small cities, each with its own flavor and particular dialectical features.

We believe that language is a bridge between people and cultures. It is from this basis that we work to facilitate intercultural meetings, intended for people from diverse backgrounds to get to know each other and their respective languages. Our teachers go beyond the academic, often opening their homes and introducing students to their families and day to day activities.