Dr. Chaim Constantiner Prize in Jewish Education

Givat Haviva was awarded the 2016 Dr. Chaim Constantiner Prize in Jewish Education in a moving ceremony at Tel Aviv University, which was attended by the Academic Board of Directors and the Constantiner family. The prize was awarded to Givat Haviva on the centennial of the founding of Hashomer Hatzair Movement, for ongoing excellence in Jewish, Zionist, and Israeli education that Givat Haviva has conducted since the establishment of the state, promoting education, peace, and social solidarity between diverse populations in Israel.During the ceremony, Prof. Leo Corry, Dean of Humanities at Tel Aviv University and an alumnus of Hashomer Hatzair in Venezuela, delivered a moving speech to those present, including generations of Givat Haviva staff, and awarded Givat Haviva the Jewish Education prize for continuing activity promoting creation of a shared society and humanistic Jewish education.