The Center implements comprehensive educational programs for Jewish and Arab students that foster learning, understanding, and imparting of tools for a shared society in Israel. Implemented within and alongside the formal education system, the program trains teachers and educates students throughout the education lifecycle, starting in elementary school, through middle school, and on to high school, drawing on modern conflict resolution models and theories to encourage critical thinking and understanding of the other side.

The Givat Haviva Education Department

The Education Department is part of the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace at Givat Haviva. The department works to develop and implement educational activities that promote equality, mutual recognition, partnership and other elements necessary for the development of a shared society.

Regional strategy

As part of its regional strategy, the Education Department focuses on the distinct geographical area comprising Jewish and Arab communities in which Givat Haviva is situated and operates a variety of programs. This strategy is informed by the notion that cooperation in dealing with regional challenges can help develop another layer of identity not connected to the overriding national identity. As such, regional strategies can foster new attitudes and perceptions regarding the "other" national group and a feeling of a shared destiny when it comes to the specific regional space inhabited by both Jews and Arabs.  Work is conducted in close partnership with mayors, municipal education department heads, school principals, administrators and teachers in the region. 

National strategy

The Education Department works in partnership with many organizations to advocate for support with the Ministry of Education in holding conferences and implementing nationwide programs for youth and teacher training activities.