How to Reach Givat Haviva

After arriving at the International Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, there are different opportunities to get to Givat Haviva. This paper will show you the different ways:


When you want to get fast as possible to Givat Haviva, a good way could be to use a Taxi. When you leave the Airport, at the Exit next to the luggage pick up, there will be many people who will ask you if you need a taxi, these people are just waiting for tourists to take. The safest possibility would be to download the Gett. App at home or the Airport to call a Taxi. You need to fill in some personal information about you, after that you need to put the route from Aiport to Givat Haviva into the boxes. It’s important to add some information like: How many people will sit in the car and how many suitcases you will carry.

Next step would be to go to the second floor, there is the official waiting Place for the taxi drivers from Gett. The price for one way will be between 300 and 410 Nis. You should check the Price with the driver at the Beginning.

2.Public Transportation

When you want to use Public Transportation, it’s easy to go by bus or train, because both stations are nearby. One possible route would be to use the train 172 to Binyamina Rail Station, this trip will take 55 minutes with 5 stops. After that, the best idea would be to use the bus to 8 to Hannah Interchange/Camp 80 for 8 minutes. From there you need the last Bus 64 for 4 minutes to Givat Haviva Junction. At this Point you only need to walk 2 minutes until you arrive at your destination. These are the buses they are usually going, sometimes in different cases, it’s not the exact same route, but the same busses. Helpful Apps could be classic Google Maps and moovit.

Important Information:

Not, like in Europe, there are not many local places with free Wi-Fi, so you can’t use Apps to call a Taxi, Google Information or use WhatsApp. Apart from this you can’t call someone with in Israeli Number or someone at your Hometown because it is too expensive. The best way would be to buy a cheap Sim-card at the Airport and to use the Free Airport Wi-Fi, as long as possible. At Chabbat, starts at Friday noon and ending at Saturday night, it could be difficult to get on a bus or taxi. Please be beware of that.


So, that’s it, have a nice stay at Givat Haviva!