Spoken Arabic course for English speakers ONLINE

Have you always wanted to learn Arabic? Now it's possible.

 Givat Haviva Institute for Arabic Studies is pleased to announce

the opening of a spoken Arabic course for English speakers.

What will you learn?

Beginner level spoken Arabic, no prior knowledge required.

How will you learn?

In 12 one-hour zoom classes, plus software for independent practice.



First group:  9-10 a.m EST // 6-7 a.m PST

Second group: 12-1 p.m EST // 9-10 a.m PST                  

Proposed dates:

  1. Oct. 21 – Dec. 23
  2. Jan. 6 – Mar. 24
  3. May. 5 – Jul. 28

How much does it cost?

For full course registration 1200NIS / 360$ / 300Є

Including software subscription for 3 months

If you have any questions, please contact Gali at arabic1@givathaviva.org.il

Sign up here for the Givat Haviva Institute for Arabic Studies online courses

*The course is contingent on sufficient registration.