Haviva Reik Prize

The Haviva Reik Peace Award was established in 1994 by the Givat Haviva Educational Foundation USA and Givat Haviva Israel to honor people who are engaged in human rights, building mutual understanding and working for peace. It was bestowed on the following honorees:


  • Fred Howard, USA - Peace activist and supporter of many peace organizations in Israel


  • Camelia Sadat, USA/Egypt - Daughter of the late Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, active in building an Israeli-Palestinian compromise
  • Caroline Kennedy-Cuomo, USA - Human rights activist


  • Kurt Beck, Germany - Prime Minister, State ofRheinland Pfalz
  • Colette Avital, Israel - Israeli Consul a.D. and peace activist in theMiddle East


  • Dalia Rabin-Pelossof, Israel - Peace activist, Member of Knesset
  • Mohammad Ali, USA - Peace activist and recipient of the Bill Clinton award


  • Johannes Rau, Germany - Prime Minister, State of Nordrhein-Westfalen (late President of the Federal Republic of Germany)
  • Yaela Granot, Israel - Director, Givat Haviva


  • Dr. Ellen Ringier, Switzerland - Peace activist against racism and xenophobia


  • Hans Georg Meyer, Germany - Director of the State’s Centre for Political Education, Rheinland Pfalz, peace activist and dedicated facilitator in the complex relationship between Germany and Israel


  • Dr. Peter Liatowitsch & Prof. Eduard Badeen, Switzerland – Peace activists for a just peace  between Israelis and Palestinians – and between Jews and Arabs in Switzerland


  • Sigmar Gabriel, Germany - Prime Minister, State of Niedersachsen


  • Maestro Daniel Barenboim - Conductor and pianist, peace activist and co-founder, together with the late Edward Said, of the international youth orchestra “East-Western-Divan”


  • Dagmar Schmidt, Germany (posthumous award) -Member of the Bundestag,President ofGivat HavivaGermany, activist for dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis


  • Ahinoam (Noa) Nini & Mira Awad-The Haviva Reik Peace Award for 2009 is awarded to the renowned singers and musicians Ahinoam (Noa) Nini and Mira
  • Awad, in recognition of their joint activities and performances as Jewish and Arab artists – in recognition of their courageous endeavors, separately and together, for peace and Israeli-Palestinian dialogue; their efforts to build, through music, bridges between people even in difficult times of violent conflict