Women Leading Social Change Conference

The Unit for Women’s Advancement and Empowerment in the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace at Givat Haviva proudly announces the third annual Women Leading Social Change Conference. This conference offers a unique platform for leading Arab and Jewish women in Israeli society to meet and brainstorm together, and enjoy the media attention that will boost their ability to influence and lead change on a national level. The conference promotes the building of partnerships among Arab and Jewish women from neighboring municipalities that are part of Givat Haviva’s Shared Communities’ program in the region.


The conference aims to:

  • Inspire women to lead social change
  • Bring together key women in the community and women who want to get involved in the social-political arena
  • Bring new and old social activists together into circles of influence, so as to strengthen the voice and gender identity of women everywhere and in all aspects of our lives, including family, economics, society, politics, education, and more….