No Border Ahead


Thursday at Beit Berl Academy. Drawing 101. I sit there, one of 50 young artists waiting for the rebbe's words – for Yair Garbuz to teach us the language of art…

He enters the room and we all take out drawings, exercises from the previous week; he moves among us, making a comment to one student, joking with a second, poking fun at a third. He does not stop talking, explaining, making us laugh. Politics, sports, society, economics; And of course art, culture and drawing. All of these concepts are mixed together for an hour and ten minutes.

It took us several years to grasp the importance of this weekly lecture, the enormous significance of the words that were thrown one after another into the space of the room: Yair Garbuz was giving us and generations of artists a language. A language of paintbrush and canvas. A language as a path.

There are many ways to read the art of Yair Garbuz. One is captivated again and again by the flow, the shape, the tempo and the experience of virtuosity of expression. It seems that he draws and paints the same way he speaks, and speaks the same way he draws and paints.

The exhibition's title – No Border Ahead – refers, as I see it, to this very point:

Garbuz has no need to explain to himself why he draws. That same strange composition, that same inner passion for language that is found in his artworks, needs no clarification or description; it simply is. He wanders back and forth as per the imperative, which can seem almost religious (god forbid), creating leeway for himself intuitively and uncritically.

No Border Ahead is that very imperative. Garbuz demands work of himself – another word, another gesture, another sentence and another brushstroke. He paves the path of language, the terms and concepts of drawing, for himself – just as he then put that language in our mouths, his students' mouths, in the classroom – letting himself be without borders or boundaries.

No Border Ahead is the discussion that every artist should hold with him / herself: You have no boundaries, you must not have boundaries, so do not be hasty in placing them; get lost and do not hurry to find, to be found. Feel free to be, to live, to create limitlessly.

Garbuz creates wide-open spaces for himself, creates the possibility of playing, stirring and dancing, and especially of being free to love the Hebrew and Israeli language intuitively and open-heartedly.

No border ahead of him.

Yair Garbuz, No Border Ahead, The Peace Gallery, Givat Haviva

Atar Geva, Curator

The exhibition No Border Ahead at The Peace Gallery is a tribute to and a continuation of the exhibition No Border Ahead held in May 2018 at Zuzu Gallery (curator: Yossi Veissid) and was inspired by it.